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Junior Golf
Many youngsters today aspire to become as good as Rory and Lydia.  At the North Shore Golf Club our Junior programme is structured to develop that interest, enhance their golfing ability and give them the best opportunity to succeed - while at the same time having fun.  Children want to play golf for many reasons.  It is like any other sport:  something has sparked their imagination and interest in the sport.  Some wish to be competitive and some only to play recreational with their friends.  Our Junior Programme starts them in the right direction - teaching them some of the focus and dedication that makes all the great players such top golfers.
The Club is fully supportive of the junior coaching programme and access to all the Club's wonderful facilities are available to all junior members.  Most weekends resident Professional Jon O'Sullivan and his qualified team of coaches assist and train all comers subsidised by the golf club  Jon also runs junior clinics over most holiday periods.
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