Membership Information
Membership TypeMenWomen
Full Playing$2475$2280
Nine Hole$1235$1140
Junior Under 20$495$495
Full Playing 20 Years$650$650
Full Playing 21 Years$785$785
Full Playing 22-24 Years$1015$1015
Full Playing 25-29 Years$1340$1340
Full Playing 30-34 Years$1855$1795
Full Playing 35-39 Years$2295$2125
Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December.
Note: The ages referred to above are as at 1 January 2021
The subscriptions do not include the $5 and $2.50 card fee, they also do not include the course development levy of $115 (neither are applicable to Junior members).
For any further information on membership please contact